We are very glad to inform the release of the first "NÖVÖ" Video clip.

"High Nation video", produced by GenComProduktsinternational©, is a song taken from a forthcoming new album. It is right now available at the AUDIO/VIDEO section.

Laurent BOUDIC has worked on the whole aspects of the video (Synopsis, Video archives, concepts, treatments...).

Here is what he says about it :

"High Nation" relates the exacerbation of doctrines through their symbols and mimetisms. In this video, the aesthetic approach wich includes a high capacity of fascination is subtly analyzed through the video archives & political concepts. Quality of the video archives may vary, but the main interest must be in the structures & colors which are very important in the handling of the unconscious mind. "High Nation Video" also relates the creative and destructive human revolutions through history " Laurent BOUDIC (09/2005).



JULY 2005

Good news about the collaboration between NÖVÖ & the industrial project HIV+.

The song "Break it loud! -NÖVÖ mix" is right now available on the "HIV+ overdose kill me" EP (Black Flames records). Further infos : HIV+ website http://www.hiv-positive.fr.st

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Sound excerpt HERE


MAY 2005

"I've been inoculed v1.0" (from növö's album "Konztruktivizm") has been compiled on the Russian CD compilation "Electronic imperiah - ElectroKraft".

Warning! This CD album is only available in Russia & ex-USSR countries.

Electronic imperiah. Electro craft

Tracklisting :

•Antony Rother — Futurist •Lana — Lana de rosa • Növö — Inoculed version 10 •Dr. Mottes Euphozythm — Patric •Abfahrt Hinwill — Radiowellen •Don Shtone — Comic nightmare •Psylocity — Machine •The Hacker — Cold as silence •Genlog — More music •Lowfish — Flakmot •Nem — Licht und kraft •Labor E — Spannungsabfall •Kitbuilders — Biesease Bonus track


2nd news :

Laurent BOUDIC is working on the first Video clip of NÖVÖ. As video director he's currently working on graphics & concepts.

"High Nation video" is produced by GenComProduktsinternational©. The song is taken from a forthcoming new album. Stay tuned!

"..The Synopsis relates the creative and destructive human revolutions through history...", tells us Laurent BOUDIC. Furter infos later.



After more than 1 year of non-appearance in the music industry, Laurent BOUDIC under NÖVÖ is now coming back with the recording of a new album. Darker & harsher than the previous release “konztruktivizm (PSI49NET/2000-2003), this new opus will be composed and arranged at GenCom Studios, Belgium & France.

It features agressive lead vocals and analog programmings by Laurent BOUDIC.


2nd news :

We've added some Medias files (Pics, MPEG videos) of the “Konztruktivizm live tour” of 2003 in the AUDIO/VIDEOS section.



3rd news :

Collaboration between NÖVÖ and HIV+. The track “Break it Loud!” originaly composed by HIV+ (Pedro Penas Robles's industrial project) is now "Re-konzktruktured" by Laurent BOUDIC.

The release is confirmed on the V/A DAS BUNKER (Industrial Label-USA) compilation. Further infos later…

An excerpt is right now available at the AUDIO/VIDEOS section.

HIV+ has confirmed a remix of “High Nation” extracted from a forthcoming new album.