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*OUT NOW* (November 14th 2014)

2- NÖVÖ "Zeitgeist Video" (Directed by the DENIAL.OF.SERVICE)


Here is what the DENIAL.OF.SERVICE said about his work :
"The Zeitgeist video is intended as a psycho-socio-political commentary whilst tightly following the music - hence the overabundance  of edits throughout the duration of the piece.
The raw materials were retrieved from a multitude of sources, in order to effectively reflect ideas indicated by the audio track. Starting off with themes of cold sensuality, psychotropy & human experimentation all the way through to current and decade old politics, war, contemporary Jihad, global disasters (Fukushima, the garbage situation, 3rd world famine, pollution, the Ebola epidemic) and most prominently the austerity riots in many European countries (as well as in Ontario Canada and the Occupy Wall Str. movement). All of these, interspersed with brief Masonic, Goldman Sachs and Bilderberg footage."
Further info on DENIAL.OF.SERVICE at http://www.facebook.com/dof.service

2- NÖVÖ "Zeitgeist" Digital EP 5 versions (Alfa-matrix records) - Ref. AM3140DJ

Besides a 7" and another extended version, "Zeitgeist" also received the remix treatments by FRANCK KARTELL, FLOOD VEYOR from France, as well as DENIAL.OF.SERVICE from Greece.

Right now available at Alfa-Matrix's bandcamp page



1 - Zeitgeist (7' edit) 

2 - Zeitgeist (Sick world remix by FLOOD VEYOR)

3 - Zeitgeist (DENIAL.OF.SERVICE rmx)

4 - Zeitgeist (FRANCK KARTELL rmx)

5 - Zeitgeist (Extended) 

Video trailer (production by DENIAL.OF.SERVICE):

JUNE 2014

*OUT NOW* (June, 20th 2014)

NÖVÖ "Let it be known today" Digital EP (Alfa-matrix) - Ref. AM3122DJ

4 versions including an extended Kraftwerkian rework with vocoder and floating synth layers by Belgian label-mates of METROLAND as well as a darkish and poignant remix by FLOOD VEYOR

Right now available at Alfa-Matrix bandcamp pagehttp://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/let-it-be-known-today-ep


1 - Let it be known today (7' edit) 

2 - Let it be known today (Empowered by METROLAND)

3 - Let it be known today (Reconstructed)

4 - Let it be known today (Mental invasion remix by FLOOD VEYOR) 


Audio snippets:

MARCH 2014

To celebrate the imminent release of NÖVÖ's 4th album "ZEITGEIST" on "Alfa-Matrix" (4/4/2014), we are glad to inform the release of the first video clip of a series.

"CHECK THE GOOD LINE" is directed & produced by Laurent Boudic himself.





NÖVÖ 4th album "Zeitgeist" will be released in April 4th 2014 at Alfa-matrix.

You can buy it at www.alfa-matrix.com

2 versions :

1- Standard CD jewel case (Ref. AM1202CD)

Orders: http://www.alfa-matrix.com/shop_comments.php?id=2445_0_8_0_C

2- Limited edition 2 CD carton box (Ref.: AM2202DCD) with bonus tracks, remixes (Franck Kartell, Darank) unreleased, live recordings, postcard, poster & NÖVÖ badge.

Orders: http://www.alfa-matrix.com/shop_comments.php?id=2446_0_8_0_C

Video Trailer :

Covers :

1- Standard Edition (click thumbnails)

2- Limited edition

Here is an interview given to "Matrix Revelations Issue 5" magazine (click thumbnails)

and here are audio snippets


Reminder: DECEMBER 2013

Laurent BOUDIC under NÖVÖ joins the famous Electro, EBM & industrial Belgian label "Alfa-Matrix", home of artists such as Front 242, Trisomie 21, Recoil, Leaether strip, Pouppée fabrik, Metroland and many more.  

To start this collaboration, NÖVÖ release the first EP "I flee" (official release date: December 6th), taken from the forthcoming 4th album "Zeitgeist".

"I Flee" is a 4 tracks Digital EP featuring stunning remixes made by French Electro Avant-garde artists Frank Kartell & Flood Veyor.

Right now available at Alfa-Matrix bandcamp page:  http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/i-flee-ep


Alfa-Matrix Press Release (thanks to share):

NÖVÖ - "I flee" 4-track EP (MP3/FLAC) 

Veteran electronic artist Laurent Boudic is preparing the release of NÖVÖ's 4th full length album "Zeitgeist" on his new label-home: Alfa Matrix.

"I Flee", the first single taken from this forthcoming album reveals a radical return to the roots for Laurent Boudic and the period when he was active in the Belgian Electronic Body Music scene back in the good old 80's…  

Sharp and precise electronic sequencers, vintage analogue synths and straightforward more prominent vocals along with some vocoder backings. NÖVÖ serves us here a brilliant appetizer from an album that will plunge us back in the good old classic EBM league evoking FRONT 242's "Geography", TRISOMIE 21's"The Last Dance" or yet FAD GADGET's "Collapsing New People"…   

Enjoy without moderation these 7" and Extended versions next to the lush pure electronic remakes from Franck Kartell and Flood Veyor.   The pre-order of "I flee EP" includes an immediate download of 1 track in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more).  You'll also get the complete EP the moment it’s released.  


  • I flee (Extended version)
  • I flee (FRANCK KARTELL remix)
  • I flee (Parallel world remix by FLOOD VEYOR)
  • I flee (7" version)
  • Order this EP on Bandcamp 

    Also available at are the following back catalogue NÖVÖ's albums: