September 2016

1 - September 23rd:

Out now! NÖVÖ "THE SHORTWAVES - PARALLEL EP" (Alfa Matrix records) Digital Edition.

Ref. AM3206DJ - Barcode : 882951 3206 00

Available on all worldwide digital music distributors (process can take some time) or directly on Alfa-Matrix bandcamp page: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/the-shortwaves-parallel-ep

Remixes by Black Egg, Commuter, Flood Veyor, Amorphous & 2 exclusive unreleased bonus tracks from Növö.



1- The shortwaves (7'Edit)

2- The shortwaves (Black egg remix)

3- Interfearence

4- The shortwaves (Mass propaganda mix by Flood Veyor)

5- The shortwaves (Commuter remix)

6- The shortwaves (Amorphous remix)

7- Zero Zero

Video trailer:

Press infos

On “The Shortwaves”, his 5th full length album under the NÖVÖ moniker, veteran electronic music artist Laurent Boudic plunged us into the obscure and mysterious world of shortwaves and radio weirdness, becoming the very first musician to completely dedicating 11 tracks of modern electronic music to shortwave radio.
Today, the Paris-based artist strikes deeper and reveals a parallel creepy world he assembled in collaboration with some selected artists from the electronic & industrial scene. Constructed around the album’s title song “The Shortwaves”, this new “Parallel” EP completes and intensifies the dramatic feel of the album through rising alarming beats and mystifying atmospheres reinforcing the tenseness and depth associated with shortwave radio and number stations in general.
Next to a shorter “7” edit” version by NÖVÖ himself, “The Shortwaves” takes a coldwave melancholic twist with the noir and tortured reinterpretation by BLACK EGG (Solo project of Usher from Norma Loy) who added a chaotic extra-dimension through some melancholic additional vocals. Studio guru FLOOD VEYOR – long time partner in crime of Laurent Boudic – comes next and shines again with his “Mass Propaganda” version adding some upbeat technoid depth to the song in his very own unparalleled style. COMMUTER are the next guests on this release for a ripping cocktail of radioactive KRAFTWERKian synths meet techno body music explosion. And last but not least, Brazilian Gil OS (ex-SIMBOLO) delivers a darker old-school EBM remix with his new AMORPHOUS project…
NÖVÖ adds to this poignant “Shortwaves” sonic journey 2 exclusive unreleased bonus tracks with “Interfearence” and “Zero Zero” which both add some more slow-tempo heavy intensity to these vibrant and bursting creepy electronic tunes with an industrial touch.


2 - September 1st: Release of


August 2016

1- NÖVÖ interview given to Side-Line Magazine.

2- A very well documented review regarding "The Shortwaves" album on the "Numbers Stations Research & information Center".

3- Another nice review, again on Side-Line Magazine. "The shortwaves" is rated 8/10.

Notice that if not already done, you can buy the album (CD or Digital download via Bandcamp) at Alfa-Matrix: https://www.alfa-matrix-store.com/Novo/novo-the-shortwaves-cd or your own dealer (Worldwide distribution).

video trailer, produced by Laurent Boudic.

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June 2016

NÖVÖ "The Shortwaves" CD album (Alfa-matrix records) - Ref. AM1227CD

We are glad to inform the release of the 5th album of NÖVÖ.

The concept of this new album is the radio Shortwaves.

Darker & sharper than the previous one "Zeitgeist", "The Shortwaves" uses extensive AM Radio samples and minimal analog sequences to form a quite oppressive and unique lo-fi "musique concrete style" soundscape.

You can place your order at Alfa-Matrix NÖVÖ pagehttp://alfa-matrix-store.com/novo

Tracklisting (11 tracks): Gongs & chimes  - The Shortwaves - Whisky Tango Romeo - Emergency - Radio Moscow (Part I & II) - Groupe 8/2 - Radio Peking - Radio Japan - Backward station - The news - Operator

Soundcloud audio snippets

Here is the video trailer, produced by Laurent Boudic.

Alfa-Matrix Press text

Veteran electronic music artist Laurent Boudic strikes back with his 5th album transmission under the NÖVÖ moniker! “The Shortwaves” reveals an interesting return to the band’s darker roots, with a conceptual theme definitely offering space to sonic experiment: the skywave propagation.
NÖVÖ’s characteristic vintage analogue synths and reflecting minimal melodies are invaded by viral distorted radio noises and contagious echoing samples which are manipulated and morphed into percolating bouncing beats or other repetitive melodic lines.
Dealing in essence with disorganized communication and organized global (dis)information, “The Shortwaves” plunges us into a dense and heavy cold war setting, an almost claustrophobic paranoiac cinematic atmosphere lead by military spy broadcasts, encrypted signals and hidden noise messages. The sharp cold industrial sequences meet treated samples and manipulated vocals before fusing with ionized lush catchy Kraftwerkian electronics and radio noises to form a quite oppressive and unique lo-fi cosmic soundscape as only NÖVÖ can create them!
Undulating electronic “Shortwaves” to propagate without moderation.

Artwork cover by Tomoki Hayasaka