May 2017

Out now! NÖVÖ "Groupe 8/2 - Vertical EP" (Alfa Matrix records) Digital Edition & video clip.

Ref. AM3222DJ - Barcode : 882951 3222 08

Available on all worldwide digital music distributors (process can take some time) or directly on Alfa-Matrix bandcamp page: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/groupe-8-2-vertical-ep

Remixes by Commuter, Flood Veyor, Black Egg, 2 extended versions & 1 exclusive unreleased bonus tracks from Növö.


1- Groupe 8/2 (LP version)

2- Groupe 8/2 (Obscure numbers RMX by Flood Veyor)

3- 115

4- Groupe 8/2 (Commuter RMX)

5- Whisky Tango Romeo (Extended)

6- Groupe 8/2 (Extended)

7- Groupe 8/2 (Icarus RMX by Black Egg)


Video clip (production by Laurent Boudic)


Last year, NÖVÖ – aka veteran electronic music artist Laurent Boudic – released his impressive 5th full length album “The Shortwaves”, a conceptual release fully dedicated to shortwave radio. NÖVÖ now loops the loop of this obscure sonic project with this new closing “Vertical EP” chapter constructed around the mysterious and weird track “Groupe 8/2”.

The dense atmosphere of “Groupe 8/2” gets intensified in an extended version signed by Laurent Boudic himself, it then also takes a more aggressive and noir electronica turn through the remix of FLOOD VEYOR while COMMUTER accelerates the song’s urgent feel through excited mechanical beats. Last but not least, nobody else but mister Usher from legendary coldwave act NORMA LOY gives a BLACK EGG intriguing introspective minimal rendition of the song.

Besides these poignant electro industrial compositions focused on creepy spying atmospheres intensified by oppressive repetitive vocal number coded communications, NÖVÖ also offers a mind-boggling extended version of “Whisky Tango Romeo” as well as an exclusive non-album track entitled “115” especially composed for this new EP and devoted to the emergency number 115. A heavy and dissonant track that will surely please all fans of NÖVÖ’s freezing robotic analogic sonic assaults…

For the sake of comparisons, NÖVÖ was recently compared to bands in the likes of THE NORMAL, early FRONT 242, KRAFTWERK, DUET EMMO, THE KLINIK… Check it out by yourself and propagate these addictive NÖVÖ claustrophobic soundwaves without moderation