Note : Between 1989 & 1995, no productions with the music industry but underground releases on cassettes & many live acts. The 1st album "Initiatique" was recorded between January & April 1995 at GenComProdukts Studios (France/Belgium) and produced by "PaceMaker records". It was soon under licence of Distance Records with worlwide distribution ( Sony music & 3MV). The 1st release was the 12" "Hall of Souls" in the beginning of 1996. Prior the 12", this track was compiled on "Distance to acid trance 2" (Substance 48102). Then followed the album "Initiatique" and later the 12" "Toxic Remix". A big promo tour was made for "Initiatique" and the video clip "Toxic" was produced by Amer GHANDOUR. 1997 saw the clash between Genetik System & Distance Records because of the non-respect of the contracts. During this same year Laurent was working on a new album. Unfortunately never released except some tracks for the compilation "Welcome to Psycholand!" produced in 1999 at GenComProduktsinternational®.


PAST & PRESENT WELCOME TO PSYCHOLAND CD album (GenComProduktsinternational©)

Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC, WAV

1- Goodevening

2- Trauma

3- Apocalypse

4- Analityk

5- A-zot

6- Mindphase confusion

7- Toxic

8- Collapse

9- Emphasis

10- Hall of souls v2.0

11- Initiatique

12- Welcome to psycholand!



CEDAR SCENT "THE SOUND OF WAR" Limited edition EP CD box album (Amer Ghandour/GenComProduktsinternational©)

Formats: CD

Track : The Sound of war (Genetik system mix)


MIXMOVE 1997 CD compilation (Radikal Groove/Universal)

Formats: CD

Track : Analityk



INITIATIQUE CD album (Distance Records/Sony Music/Pacemaker Records) - Ref. DI432

Formats: CD

1- Emphasis

2 - Toxic

3- Hall of souls v1.0

4- The gift

5- A-zot

6- Tension

7- Lab 500

8- Hall of souls v2.0

9- Sirius

10- Initiatique

11- Apocalypse

12- A blue tension


TOXIC 12" (Distance Records/Sony Music) - DI0506

Formats: Vynil

A side :

1- Toxic (Antidote house mix)

2- Toxic (Suffocation mix)

B side :

1- Toxic (Coma mix)

2- Toxic (Original)


HALL OF SOULS 12" (Distance Records/Sony Music) - Ref. DI0456

Formats: Vynil

A side :

1- Hall of souls v1.0

B side :

1- Hall of souls v2.0

2- Nautilus



DISTANCE TO ACID TRANCE Vol 2 CD compilation album (Distance Records/Sony Music) - Ref. SUB481

Formats: CD

Track : Hall of souls