Note : It is not easy to describe in details the whole discography of the early 80's works of Laurent BOUDIC. Collaborations with many New Wave, Industrial bands and obscure projects make that work almost impossible to enumerate on this page. But GenComProduktsinternational® has compiled some of the best works in an album called "Laurent BOUDIC Early works". It features the first sharp Industrial experiments to the New wave/electro & Pre-techno tracks.


LAURENT BOUDIC EARLY WORKS 80's CD album (GenComProduktsinternational©)

Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC, WAV

1- Sporadic news

2- Murder

3- Necropsy

4- Minimal body works

5- E=Mc2

6- 1939

7- Electronic combal zone

8- E=Mc3

9- Shout!

10- Society

11- Flying ballets

12- In nomine dei nostri

13- Faintness

14- In september

15- Les transes anthropoïdes

16- Experiment One

17- Experiment Two

SNOW ROBOTS Vol 3 CD compilation album (Suction Records/Sony Music)

Formats: CD

Track : E=Mc2