CrashVox (GenComProduktsinternational©)

Synthpop project between Laurent BOUDIC & different singers. The V1 was a colaboration with Vincent LEBRUN. No albums released but some tracks and live videos (concert at the Bataclan/Paris).

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GenComProduktsinternational® CD compilation (GenComProduktsinternational©)

Compilation with other artists managed by G.P.I. between 1998 and 2001 (FLOOD VEYOR/France & SIDHARTHA (Andrew Kiritchenko)/Ukrain)

1- x2PROTON 'Apollo [mx1]' Sidhartha Mix 2- FLOOD VEYOR 'My Secret Garden' 3- NÖVÖ 'The Machine in Love' 4- SIDHARTHA 'A travel to the Alfa Moon' 5- FLOOD VEYOR 'I saw here on tv' 6-GENETIK SYSTEM 'Earthquake' (Unreleased) 7- SIDHARTHA 'Ocean of storm' (Lovely mix) 8- x2PROTON 'Through Lunar sphere on-orbit' 9- FLOOD VEYOR 'Human aspirations" 10- x2PROTON 'Through Lunar Sphere ex-orbit' 11- SIDHARTHA 'Mare Meredium'