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Laurent BOUDIC is a european electronic music composer since the 80's.

He's behind several projects such as "Növö", "x2Proton", "CrashVox" & "Genetik System" for the most famous.

He started his career in a synthetic Punk band before to evolve in a more structured path.

Analogue equipments & tweaked tapes recordings was the tools used in his sharp Industrial early works. With the new merging digital technologies around 1985, Laurent bought the "Emulator II" sampler and started to explore new paths. At that time, the Sampler was an extraordinary tool and a revolution giving access to new sounds & new creativities.

In Belgium between 1986 & 90, Laurent was an active part of the so called "Electronic Body Music" movement working on several collaborations under different nicknames.

Between 1989 & 1998 he worked on Genetik System (Intelligent Techno project).

After many gigs throughout Europe, TV appearances and a contract with a major company, Laurent BOUDIC started in 1997 the Dark ambient/Electronica project x2Proton, still active nowadays.

2000 saw the birth of Növö.

5 albums released: "The Shortwaves" in 2016 (Alfa-Matrix), "Zeitgeist" in 2014 (Alfa-Matrix), "Architecture & Severity" & "Konztruktivizm 09 - The remixes", both in 2009 (Alfa Matrix/GenComProdukts international/BlackMontanas) and "Konztruktivizm" in 2003 (PSI49NET).

There's also collaborations with electronic artists such as Metroland (Alfa-Matrix), Black egg & many more.

NÖVÖ explores the most powerful creativity of dark electronic and industrial musics.

Through the years, Laurent BOUDIC's projects are un-temporal resulting of his integrity in music.