January 2021

Out Now ! "Abstrakt Vol. 1" digital album, 11 tracks.

A/rgon B/eryllium C/eium D/ubnium E/rbium F/luorine G/allium H/elium I/ndium K/rypton L/ithium  

Available on all digital sellers such as Amazon music, Itunes, Spotity, beatport and many more, or on Laurent Boudic's Bandcamp page:

"Abstrakt" is the first album of a series, recorded between 2017 & 2021.  

It can be described as an electronic experimental piece blending dark ambient, cinematic & abstract music genres.

Here is the audio promo trailer on Soundcloud.

gencomprodukts · Laurent Boudic "Abstrakt Vol.1 " Promo Mix

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